Jan 2022 through Jan 2023 - Endo mini-residency program

Jan 2022 through Jan 2023 - Endo mini-residency program

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Each term, 3 residents are chosen based on multi-factorial merit. Becoming a Root Camp Mini-Residency is a privilege not a right. 

Known as “The Works”, the 12-month Mini-Residency pulls together levels I, II and III in an intensive week-by-week program highlighted by scientific literature review, case presentations and in-depth literature-based discussions. The goal of the Mini-Residency is to enable each Doctor with the necessary science to support the “Why” and “How” provided in Levels I through III, and therefore forge the true and complete Endodontic Experts whose sole goals should be to do “whatever it takes” to save the “Natural Implant”.

The program includes:

- Biology and Physiology of the Dental Pulp
- Biology and Physiology of the Periapex
- Inflammation
- Endodontic Microbiology

- Patient and Team Psychology
- Leadership and Teamwork
- Endo Expertise ... Be the 3% to Reap the 97%
- Marketing
- Practice Magement by the Numbers

- Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
- Pain Control
- Tooth, Root and Jaw Anatomy
- Orthograde Endodontic Treatment and Retreatment
- Retrograde Periradicular Surgery
- Endo-Perio Relationships
- LAE or Laser Assisted Endodontics
- Dental Trauma Management in Pediatric/Adult Patients Iatrogenic Mishaps Management

Tuition: $35,000
*4 cadaver courses included

*All registrations are final with no refund. If a cancellation is necessary, a course credit will be issued for attendance of a future course for an equal value.