August 28-29, 2020 - Houston, TX, USA - Root Camp Level I

August 28-29, 2020 - Houston, TX, USA - Root Camp Level I

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[Next closest Texas course... Dallas - September 11-12]

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Level I – “Endodon-tricks and Surg & Rescue”… a Comprehensive Approach to Modern Endodontic Concepts and Techniques

Wondering about the role of laser and 3D imaging in endodontics and how to make modern technology pay for itself? Looking for a way to be faster while increasing day-to-day quality and satisfaction? Always wanted to add endodontic retreatment and apical surgery to your skillset? Then come and learn to increase your endodontic production while lowering stress with “Endodo-tricks” and “Surg & Rescue.”

Down-to-earth, clinically-relevant, effective, and efficient endodontics like you have never been shown before. Attain ultimate profits and obtain endodontic excellence through the synergistic combination of technology, teamwork and smart scripting. Take the first steps towards keeping your endos in-house with Dr. Nguyen’s practical, simple and predictable protocols of laser-assisted retreatment and apical micro-surgery, in molars and non-molars alike.

Among others, topics will include the following:

Endodon-tricks – learn the skills to tackle calcified molars yourself!

  • Anesthesia: management of “hot teeth” and laser-assisted pain control
  • Access: planning the CBCT-assisted “surgical strike” and safe access into hyper-calcified canals
  • Shaping/disinfection: minimize breakage, maximize efficiency and optimize disinfection with laser
  • Obturation: warm gutta-percha techniques for an outstanding 3D seal

Surg & Rescue – save the natural tooth while increasing profits!

  • Case selection: saving the “natural implant” or going for the artificial implant?
  • Retreatment: strategies and in-depth step-by-step protocols to avoid referring retreatment cases out
  • Apical/crown lengthening surgery: core principles and step-by-step laser protocols in molars

Endodon-tricks and Surg & Rescue: USD 2095.00 – 16 CE credits

Bring your administrative and clinical team with you so that everyone can learn the “Endo Dance.” One-on-one assistant-to-assistant, patient-care coordinator-to-patient-care-coordinator interaction will allow your entire team to bring home systems, protocols and scripts that Dr. Nguyen and his staff use daily.